Frequently Asked Questions

will my vinyl fence chalk, peel, crack or rot?

With the addition of Ti02, our vinyl fencing is chalk and crack resistant. It will never peel and it will never rot!

will my vinyl fence yellow?

Again, the addition of Ti02 keeps the vinyl from discolouring or fading.

how long will my vinyl fence last?

Our vinyl fences are designed to last a lifetime!

how do i clean my vinyl fence?

Cleaning is not a requirement but if you want to wash dirt or dust off your fence you can use a hose or a light duty pressure washer. 

will my vinyl fence withstand southern alberta winds?

As good or better than any other fence! Because the vinyl is reinforced in the bottom rail and the posts with aluminum it is very sturdy. 

how does the cost of a vinyl fence compare with a wood fence?

After the initial investment of the actual fence there is ZERO cost. No painting, staining or sanding, no reinforcing, no replacing boards, and no need to replace the entire fence during your lifetime. 

how safe are vinyl fence products?

Vinyl fencing does not leach any harmful products nor does it put people at risk of getting slivers or cuts.